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TKT-40 Caravan A/C

TKT-40 Caravan A/C

Thermo Kingtec, the caravan system supplier, offers you a full range of technological superior products that guarantee additional comfort in your caravan or motorhome.
Travel at ease and arrive safely with products that have been developed especially with the requirements of mobile living in mind.

1) Fully reverse-cycle, suitable for heating and cooling fully insulated caravans and motor homes up to 27ft (external) in length;
2) Remote controlled so you can adjust your comfort level anywhere within your caravan or RV;
3) Fitted with built in compressor protection against intermittent power supply;
4) Quieter than any other comppetitive caravan air conditioners;
5) Designed to dehumidify the air to help asthma suffers
6) Fitted with a stylish internal plenum
7) Very easy to install and a large number of sales outlets throughouttheoverseas can install or provide information on the installation.

Standard Features - Major Component Parts

Electrical Rating: 220V,50HZ/110V, 60HZ
Nominal Cooling Capacity: 4500kw
Nominal Heating Capacity: 4500kw
Maximum Rated Current, Cooling: 5.6A
Maximum Rated Current, Heating: 5.2A
Locked Rotor Current: 25A
Inside Air Delivery, Maximum: 150l/s
Dimension: Indoor, 545*520*80MM
Outdoor, 1100*720*350MM

You can purchase the product through stock credit and leasing.