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HT-250SP Ziant

HT-30DW II Tra-La

Model Available

HT-30DW II Tra-La : Cooling and heating on engine operation

HT-30DWES II Tra-La : Cooling and heating on engine and electric operation

Standard Features

? Refrigeration cooling capacity at 30? ambient under ATP conditions

? Yanmar Diesel Engine

3TNE-74HT, Clean and silent engine

3cylinders, liquid-cooled

1006cc(61.4cu.inch) displacement

7.2liter oil capacity

? Compressor

HTC-200R compressor

2 cylinders, 200cc displacement

2 liter oil charge

? Control system

Automatic stop/start control system

Automatic defrost initiation and termination by microprocessor

Automatic defrost initiation with air switch

Continuous system minitoring

Programmable set point range

Easy distinction of double temp. system

? Corrosion and rust free for long lasting apprearance

ABS Platic front cover and side doors

Aluminium evaporator case

Stainless muffler, surge tank, eva. guard, accumulator, receiver tank

? Shaft driven two fan system evaporator

Airflow volume3,271m?/h by 280mm diameter dual fans

? Three way control valve

? AC electric motor{HT-30DWES II Tra-La only}

7.5HP, high performance AC motor

220V/380V/415V, 3Phase, 50/60Hz

? Protection devices

Engine low oil pressure cutout

Engine coolant high temperature cutout

Refrigerant high/low pressure cutout

Motor overload relay{HT-30DWES II Tra-La}

? Refrigerant

Ozone protection, non CFC R-404a

Chlorine free, Charge : 5.8kg

? Evaporator protection guard

Aluminium guard protect the system

? Installation kits

Installation hardware

Fuel pumps, Fuel lines

Fuel filter, Air Cleaner, Oil filter

Battery case, cables

Receptacle AC box{HT-30DWES II Tra-La}

? Weight(approximate)

HT-30DW II Tra-La : 520kg

HT-30DWES II Tra-La : 550kg

? Size(mm)

Optional Features

? Dual temperature system for two compartments

? Heating system : when the ambient is lower than the temperature in the truck body then, heating system{hot gas, hot water & electric coil} is used to protect the products from frozen.

? Temperature recorder : System montoring system,Single or two channel

? External on/off switch

? External engine / electric hour meter

? Rear view camera and sensor

You can purchase the product through stock credit and leasing.