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HT-70DW Mega-F

HT-70DW Mega-F


HT-70DW Mega-F : Cooling and heating on engine operation

HT-70DWES Mega-F : Cooling and heating on engine and electric operation

Standard Features

? Yanmar Diesel Engine

3TNV-82A, Clean and silent engine

3cylinders, liquid-cooled

1331cc(81.2cu.inch) displacement

11liter oil capacity

? Compressor

HTC-500R compressor

4 cylinders, 500cc(30.5cu.inch) displacement

2.6 liter oil charge

? Refrigeration cooling capacity at 30? ambient under ATP conditions

? Control system

Automatic stop/start control system

Automatic defrost initiation and termination by microprocessor

Automatic defrost initiation with air switch

Continuous system minitoring

Programmable set point range

Easy distinction of double temp. system

Manual and Automatic engine start

Digital LCD thermometer

? Corrosion and rust free for long lasting apprearance

FRP front cover and side doors

Aluminum evaporator case

Stainless muffler, surge tank, eva. guard, accumulator, receiver tank

? Shaft driven two fan system evaporator

Airflow volume 4,474m?/h by 290mm diameter dual fans

? Three way control valve

? AC electric motor(HT-70DWES Mega-F only)

12HP, high performance AC motor

220V/380V/415V, 3Phase, 50/60Hz

? Protection devices

Engine low oil pressure cutout

Engine coolant high temperature cutout

Refrigerant high/low pressure cutout

Motor overload relay(HT-70DWES Super-Cool)

? Refrigerant

Ozone protection, non CFC R-404a

Chlorine free, Charge : 6.8kg

? Evaporator protection guard

Aluminium guard protect the system

? Installation kits

Installation hardware

Fuel pumps, Fuel lines

Fuel filter, Air Cleaner, Oil filter

Battery case, cables

Receptacle AC box(HT-70DWES Mega-F)

? Weight(approximate)

HT-70DW Mega-F : 580kg

HT-70DWESMega-F : 640kg

? Size(mm)

Optional Features

? HT-70DWU Mega-F : Under-mounted condenser and separated evaporator

? Dual temperature system for two compartments

? Heating system : when the ambient is lower than the temperature in the truck body then, heating system{hot gas, hot water & electric coil} is used to protect the products from frozen.

? Temperature recorder : System montoring system,Single or two channel

? External on/off switch

? External engine / electric hour meter

? Rear view camera and sensor

You can purchase the product through stock credit and leasing.