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HTC-250AC Air conditioning system for buses

HTC-250AC air cooling system of small buses and vans
Roof-mounted capacitor

Ceiling evaporator with modern design, suitable for mounting a desired location

Powerful air jet with possible management direction and intensity

Easy maintenance and easy service access due to its unique design
Cover / Front mounted condenser

Weight: 20 kg
Slim ceiling evaporator

Weight: 19 kg

Remote cab controller

Technical Information


cooling capacity

5742 kcal/h

cooling gas

R- 134a; 1.6 kg


1130 3/h

Dimensions Evaporator LxWxH mm


Capacitor size LxWxH mm


Delivery terms - up to 15 working days of order acceptance

Method of payment - negotiable

Warranty terms - 24 months from date of installation

The price includes complete installation and driver training.

For cars with air conditioning, the price may differ.

You can purchase the product through stock credit and leasing.